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  • Ethiopian meat exporters free to go home


    (Andegna.com) Ethiopians meat exporters who were in detention for over two months by the United Arab Emirates Police have been sent free after Dubai’s public prosecutor Khalid Al-jassim has dropped the case. 

    The business group was detained as they landed in Dubai to participate in Dubai food trade expo, Gulfood. They were banned from travel until the case was settled. In the meantime, their association, Ethiopia’s Meat Exporters Union was considering possible measures to be taken against the act.

    The exporters were accused of exporting spoiled meat last September by Mubarak Abdallah, their former trading partner who arranged a legal mechanism in Dubai that would allow to arrest the Ethiopians. The partner, Mubarak, claim to have been duped in a deal he traded later on last year.

    Four of the six detained represented the abattoirs in Ethiopia, while the other two were not directly affiliated with the business travel. However later released they were refused exit from Dubai. One had accompanied her mother and another was Secretary General of the Ethiopian Meat Producer-Exporters Association.    

    (Image: Fresh Meat/wikimedia)

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  • Plane hijacker sentenced to psychiatric care


    The Federal Criminal Court has sentenced an Ethiopian pilot who hijacked an aeroplane in Geneva to mandatory supervised psychiatric treatment. He had previously been deemed mentally unsound during the incident.

    During Monday’s sentencing, the judge deemed the defendant’s risk of relapse to be high and so sentenced him to undergo therapy while under guard in canton Geneva. The pilot is already receiving treatment for paranoid schizophrenia and was not present at the sentencing hearing.
    The defence team had asked that the pilot be set free because he had not endangered the lives of any passengers aboard the aeroplane and the other pilot was able to safely land in Geneva. Lawyers for the 40-year-old Ethiopian reiterated that he had been seeking asylum in Switzerland.
    As soon as he is financially solvent, the defendant will have to pay fees for the trial totaling CHF3,000 ($3,092) as well as the costs for his defence team. His pilot’s license has been revoked. Read more


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  • Ethiopia must allow in observers after killings - UN rights boss


    GENEVA, Aug 10 (Reuters) - The U.N. human rights chief urged Ethiopia on Wednesday to allow international observers into restive regions where residents and opposition officials say 90 protesters were shot dead by security forces at the weekend.

    In his first comments on the incident, Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, said that allegations of excessive use of force across the Oromiya and Amhara regions must be investigated and that his office was in discussions with Ethiopian authorities.

    Since January, when he said the killings of protesters first began, his office had "not seen seen any genuine attempt at investigation and accountability".

    "The use of live ammunition against protesters in Oromiya and Amhara, the towns there of course would be a very serious concern for us," Zeid told Reuters in an interview in Geneva.

    Unrest flared in Oromiya for several months until early this year over plans to allocate farmland surrounding the regional capital for development. Authorities in the Horn of Africa state scrapped the scheme in January, but protests flared again over the continued detention of opposition demonstrators.

    At the weekend, protesters chanted anti-government slogans and waved dissident flags. Some demanded the release of jailed opposition politicians. Information on the reported killings has been difficult to obtain, Zeid said.

    "So I do urge the government to allow access for international observers into the Amhara and Oromiya regions so that we can establish what has happened and that the security forces, if it is the case that they have been using excessive force, that they do not do so and promptly investigate of course these allegations."

    Zeid said that any detainee who had been peacefully protesting should be released promptly.

    The state-run Ethiopian News Agency said on Monday that "illegal protests" by "anti-peace forces" had been brought under control. It did not mention casualties.

    As in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which Zeid visited last month, it is vital that security forces employ non-lethal means during peaceful protests, he said.

    (Reporting by Stephanie Nebehay; editing by Mark Heinrich)

    Source:  Reuters


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  • Death toll reaches 62 in Koshe tragedy

    (by Andegna) At least 62 people have been dead in a giant landslide at old rubbish dump in Addis Ababa, confirmed sources on Monday evening, Ethiopian time. However, non-official sources claim death toll could be much higher. The search for survivors and more bodies has continued as relatives are waiting for news of those still missing.   

    Dozens of homes of squatters who lived in the Koshe landfill site, in Addis Ababa, were flattened when the largest pile of rubbish collapsed on Saturday. It was not clear what caused Saturday night's collapse, though residents have said the dumping of trash had resumed there in recent months after protests at a newer Sendafa Sanitary Landfill.

    Koshe, whose name means “dirt” in local slang, was closed last year by city authorities who asked people to move to a new dump site outside Addis Ababa. But the community there did not want the landfill, and so the garbage collectors moved back. Last year, farmers in Sendafa Landfill, the new waste disposal and recycling centre of the city, refused to allow garbage to be dumped in the area. A tragedy squatters living there blamed on a biogas plant being built nearby.

    Many of the victims were squatters who scavenged for a living in the 30-hectare dump, officials said. Hundreds of waste-pickers work at the landfill every day, and others find cheap housing there. Many of the mud-and-stick houses were buried under the rubble, and dozens of people so far have received medical treatment, it was learned from the nearby ALERT Hospital where the injured have been taken. 

    Image: Sky News

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  • Customs Authority fails to collect more taxes: Auditor General

    (by Andegna.com) The Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA) failed to collect revenues including income taxes said the Federal Auditor General that the tax proclamations and regulations has been defaulted. 

    The Auditor identified over 118 million Birr was uncollected in 34 government offices and 15 branches under the Authority during the 2014/15 budget year audit.  Addis Ababa Export office, Kality, Western Addis Ababa middle tax payers, Adama, Bahir Dar, Kombolcha and Mekelle were among those identified as low income tax collectors of the Customs Authority branches offices.

    The Auditor has also stressed that, they could not get evidences for over 7 million birr in two branches, while six government offices failed to provide tax documents, according to Gemechu Dubisso, Auditor General, speaking to the Parliament on Tuesday.

    Including other officer which have remained unmentionable for the Auditor, the amount of income tariff and other essentials documents were also lacking for proper auditing. Furthermore, the Auditor found documents that have never been audited and offices which don’t put documents in organized way.

    Institutions such as public universities that have been headache for the Auditor are still on same problem page. They have registered huge expenditure without producing proper receipt. Hawassa spent over 26 million Birr, Arba Minch over 8 million Birr, Mizan Tepi over 5 million Birr and Wollo spent over 4 million Birr without producing receipts.

    Image: Ethiopian Currency and ERCA logo 




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