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  • Customs Authority fails to collect more taxes: Auditor General

    (by Andegna.com) The Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA) failed to collect revenues including income taxes said the Federal Auditor General that the tax proclamations and regulations has been defaulted. 

    The Auditor identified over 118 million Birr was uncollected in 34 government offices and 15 branches under the Authority during the 2014/15 budget year audit.  Addis Ababa Export office, Kality, Western Addis Ababa middle tax payers, Adama, Bahir Dar, Kombolcha and Mekelle were among those identified as low income tax collectors of the Customs Authority branches offices.

    The Auditor has also stressed that, they could not get evidences for over 7 million birr in two branches, while six government offices failed to provide tax documents, according to Gemechu Dubisso, Auditor General, speaking to the Parliament on Tuesday.

    Including other officer which have remained unmentionable for the Auditor, the amount of income tariff and other essentials documents were also lacking for proper auditing. Furthermore, the Auditor found documents that have never been audited and offices which don’t put documents in organized way.

    Institutions such as public universities that have been headache for the Auditor are still on same problem page. They have registered huge expenditure without producing proper receipt. Hawassa spent over 26 million Birr, Arba Minch over 8 million Birr, Mizan Tepi over 5 million Birr and Wollo spent over 4 million Birr without producing receipts.

    Image: Ethiopian Currency and ERCA logo 




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  • Memher Girma’s feast

    (by Andegna.com) Mele’ake Menekirat Girma Wondimu, a.k.a, Memher (Cleric) Girma, has been able to congregate about 2.1 million Birr from churches at different parts of the world in collaboration with the Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) to reach for the drought dented people in Ethiopia.

    Girma, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church minister, said that it was his idea to collect the money and Red Cross was much excited about it. Then, the collection of the money was made within fifteen days.

    He was able to forward the donation message on several church synagogues he stood and people were very generous to respond to his call, he says. The amount of money collected by Memher Girma to reach the people via Red Cross has been confirmed on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Girma avowed that he will continue the congregation.

    The Ethiopian Red Cross Society has aimed to collect about 123 million Birr to reach children, pregnant women and mothers. 

    Image: Memher Girma


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  • Court rules on fate of Arat-kilo’s building

    (by Andegna.com) The Federal Supreme Court ordered Nib International Bank can sale a building erected in Arat Kilo that comes after the Bank has won a legal tussle with Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA) over the ownership of the building.

    The nine-story building was first owned by a company called Meketa Real Estate established by Kebede Tezera with a majority share in. However, Kebede is serving a 20-year prison sentence after being found guilty on five of seven counts of illegal banking, tax evasion, and money laundering in the file of Melaku Fenta et al corruption trial, by the Federal High Court.

    The Federal Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the decision of the Federal High Court after hearing an appeal which was filed by Customs Authority in argument that the original owner Kebede was already found guilty on corruption and tax evasion charges, and, therefore, needed to collect the evaded tax by selling the building.

    Nib Bank on the other side claimed that Kebede took 55 million Birr loan from the Bank to construct the building. Thus, the Bank claimed that the unfinished building was collateral to the loan money that Kebede took. 

    The decision both at Federal High Court and Supreme Court states that the unfinished building should be transferred to the Nib Bank to serve the 55 million Br loan, plus the interest. The Federal Supreme Court verdict on Tuesday came following appeals filed by ERCA.

    The building, which erects on a 2,926 square meters of land near Tourist Hotel at Arat Kilo has been registered as the property of Meketa Real Estate Plc and was put up for auction in March 2011 with a starting bid of around 58 million Birr. 

    The Real Estate Company was reportedly established with a paid-up capital of 20 million Birr by Kebede and another individual, in March 2007, which Kebede’s stake is 19.5 million Birr.

    Image: Andegna.com


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  • Antonov goes on long trip

    (by Andegna.com) Known in Ethiopian, the Russian made, world’s largest airplane has set off on a long journey from Europe to Australia.

    Designed and built in Ukraine in the 1980s, the immense ‘Antonov 124’ once was used to transport Axum obelisk from Rome to Ethiopia, with each section of the obelisk weighing between 70 and 80 tons. The transporter had to find a plane strong enough to carry Axum’s huge weight. At the time, only two planes could handle that weight which were the US made Lockheed C-5 Galaxy and the Russian Antonov 124. Since all the Galaxy planes were employed in Iraq, the Antonov was chosen to carry out the flight.   

    The six-engine, 600 tons aircraft – which once was also used to transport a Soviet space shuttle on its roof – took off from Gostomel airport in Ukraine on Tuesday and will land in front of a huge crowd of aviation enthusiasts in Perth at 10am on Sunday morning, reports African Leadership.

    ‘Antonov An-225 Mriya’ will have to pass through a number of refueling stops across Eurasia, India and South East Asia during its long journey before its 42 tires hit the tarmac. The giant carried an enormous 117 tons of power generator to Perth in Australia.

    Image: Antonov An-225 Mriya





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  • Life expectancy in Ethiopia now 64.8 years: WHO

    (by Andegna.com) A World Health Organization (WHO) report released this May says life expectancy in Ethiopia is now 64.8, which puts the country 16th in the Life Expectancy Ranking in Africa.

    Ethiopia’s neighbors, Kenya 22nd with 63.4 and Somalia is 47th with 55 whereas Ghana is 25th with 62.4, and Nigeria is 48th with 54.5.

    According to the WHO report, life expectancy in Africa is rising twice as fast as the rest of the world, that, since the year 2000 the rate has risen by almost 10 years in the continent.

    It has increased by 5 years between 2000 and 2015, the fastest increase since the 1960s, globally. Those gains reverse declines during the 1990s, when life expectancy fell in Africa because of the AIDS epidemic and in Eastern Europe following the collapse of the Soviet Union, says Report.

    In Africa, now the average person can expect to live to 60 years of age. This is driven mainly by improvements in child survival, progress in malaria control and expanded access to antiretrovirals for treatment of HIV. However, that is still 20 years less than a person’s life expectancy in one of 29 high-income countries.

    Algeria sits at the top of the list with an average life expectancy of 75.6 years. Sierra Leone is at the bottom with 50.1 years.

    North Africa and the continent's island nations are places where people live longest in Africa.

    1. Algeria - 75.6

    2. Tunisia - 75.3

    3. Mauritius - 74.6

    4. Morocco - 74.3

    5. Cape Verde - 73.3

    6. Seychelles - 73.2

    7. Libya - 72.7

    8. Egypt - 70.9

    9. Sao Tome - 67.5

    10. Senegal - 66.7


    Image: rural man in Ethiopia/one.org



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