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  • Over 10 thousand Mekele City residents to get land for housing

    (by Andegna) Mekele City Administration is to give land for over ten thousand residents to house construction.

    Fana BC said in a report that 10,400 Mekele city residents who have no house for living will be given the land while over 1700 teachers and 740 handicap military veterans will be given priority. According to the report each individual will be given 70 meter square land.   

    Image: Mekele City    

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  • Death toll in Koshe landfill collapse up sharply to 113

    (by Andegna) The death toll from a collapse at a landfill in Addis Ababa has risen to 113. Victims were mostly women and children. Hopes are waning for survivors as the country began three days of mourning and relatives have been waiting for missing ones.

    Saturday's collapse of a mountain of garbage buried makeshift mud-and-stick homes inside the Koshe landfill in the capital. Excavators and rescuers have been pulling bodies from the black mud since then. Meanwhile, residents from the capital are raising funds and collecting materials to support survivors and relatives of the victims. City Mayor Diriba Kuma told state broadcaster EBC the search-and-rescue effort soon would be completed and an investigation into the cause of the accident would begin.

    Dozens of homes of squatters who lived in the Koshe landfill site, in Addis Ababa, were flattened when the largest pile of rubbish collapsed on Saturday. It was not clear what caused Saturday night's collapse, though residents have said the dumping of trash had resumed there in recent months after protests at a newer Sendafa Sanitary Landfill.

    Officials said they have already relocated about 300 people from the landfill, where hundreds of waste-pickers salvaged items to make a living and others found inexpensive housing. The mayor said people whose family members died in the collapse have received money ranging from $430 to $650 each, and that they would be resettled permanently in the coming years.

    Image: Victims funeral 

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  • South Sudan: 32 kidnapped Ethiopian children recovered


    Authorities in South Sudan said they have recovered 32 of the 125 Ethiopian children who the Ethiopian government said were abducted from its Gambela region two weeks ago during a deadly cattle raid blamed on a South Sudanese militia.

    Ogato Chan, acting governor of South Sudan’s Boma state which borders Gambela, told Associated Press Saturday that local chiefs collected the children from three villages in Likuangole County where the raiders had dropped them off. Chan said the recovered children will be brought to state capital Pibor then sent to Juba to be repatriated to Ethiopia.

    “The chiefs are looking for the rest of the children,” he said.

    Ethiopia’s government said 208 people died in the April 15 raid and blamed the attack on an ethnic Murle militia from South Sudan.

    In Ethiopia, Gambela regional president Gatluak Tut told AP he has not been notified about the recovery of the children.

    Deadly cattle raids and abductions of children are common along the border of South Sudan and Ethiopia between the Murle in South Sudan and the Nuer and Anyuak tribes who live in both countries. Children are sometimes kidnapped to look after stolen cows.

    (Image: Children in Gambella Refuge/Unicef)

    (Source: Associated Press)

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  • Teachers in Addis enter public transport for free Monday on


    (Andegna.com) A memorandum of understanding signed between Addis Ababa Road Transport Bureau and City’s Education Bureau marked provision of Anbessa Bus transport service for free for about 21,000 teachers, including TVET teachers, school directors, supervisors and trainers in the city starting from coming Monday.

    Government’s Public Service Employees Transport Service Enterprise (PSETSE) started free of charge pick-up and drop-off public servants a year ago this include teachers. However, teachers have been complaining on the service delivery, where, teachers are forced to wait for the drop-off buses half a day.

    The Addis Ababa City Administration said, preparation of identification cards will be finalized on the weekend. According to the office of the Mayor, the annual cost of the service is estimated to be over 40 million Birr calculating 11.25 Birr a day per head with possible increase to the cost.

    Addis’s Light Rail Train, Anbessa City Bus Enterprise and PSETSE are parts of the public transport services in Ethiopia’s capital where getting public transport has become very challenging for majority. 

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