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  • Ethiopia turns stationary Air missiles into self-propelled mobile system


    (by Andegna.com) Ethiopia is boosting its home-grown military industry technologies. A latest report indicated that the country has already converted its stationary S-75 Surface Air Missiles SAMs to mobile systems.

    These modification and the like mounting military cost saving project is happening at Gafat Armament Industry, which is part of the government’s military-run Metals and Engineering Corporation shortly known as METEC.

    Ethiopia has had S-75 systems since the 1970s, some of which are still deployed at three fixed sites around Addis Ababa, its S-125 (SA-3 'Goa') systems deployed closer to the Eritrean border to defend strategic locations, according to IHS Jane's Defense Weekly.

    The S-75 modification is the most sophisticated work known to have been carried out by the Ethiopian defense industry to date, said Jeremy Binnie on IHS Jane's Defense.

    To make the S-75 SAMs mobile they are mounted on to a heavily modified T-55 tank chassis. Both the S-75 SAMs and the T-55 tank chassis have to be modified for the whole system to work seamlessly, says a reports.

    However, the modified self-propelled S-75 launchers to Air Missiles SAMs mobile would be far more mobile and quicker to deploy, especially in areas with poor roads, than the original launchers, which have to be loaded on and off dedicated trailers. 

    Cuba, Poland, and Iraq have done the successful similar modification to S-75 and sometimes to the S-125 fixed missile systems.

    The Ethiopian defense industries manufacture a range of light weapons such as machine guns, assault rifles, automatic grenade launchers – RPGs, ammunition for variety of weapons. On top of manufacturing ammunitions and light weapons, The Ethiopian defense industries do major modifications to tanks, armored cars, transport trucks, and fighter jets.

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  • Gatoch may seal deal in Europe

    (by Andegna) Walias skipper Gatoch Panom may seal new deal with European club this year, said sources, as he set for an April exit at the end of his current contract with Ethiopian Coffee Football Club.

    According to a media report, Gatoch is believed to have signed a pre-contract agreement with undisclosed club in Europe and hence the unwillingness to commit to a longer contract now with Coffee FC. However his agent hinted that Gatoch could move to Greece at the end of his contract.

    The midfielder’s agent David Beshah disclosed the parties could not agree on a new deal. While David and his client were pushing for a contract extension till the end of the current 2016/17 season, the club insisted on at least a 2-year-stay. “We could not agree on a contract until the end of the season. They wanted us to sign a contract of two years and three months, with a release clause if a foreign club comes knocking,” David said. According to him, they had wanted to pen a longer deal since last year November but the club was unwilling to play ball.

    “Gatoch and I are very disappointed that Bunna is unable to negotiate reasonably. We offered them many chances since November 2016 but they rejected them,” David added.

    Image: Gatoch Panom 

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  • Death toll reaches 50 in Koshe landslide

    (by Andegna) At least 50 people have died and dozens more are said to be missing in a giant landslide at Ethiopia’s old rubbish dump in Addis Ababa. The death toll has been confirmed by officials on Monday as relatives are waiting for news of other missing.

    Dozens of homes of squatters who lived in the Koshe landfill site, on the outskirts of the capital, were flattened when the largest pile of rubbish collapsed on Saturday. It was not clear what caused Saturday night's collapse, though residents have said the dumping of trash had resumed there in recent months after protests at a newer Sendafa Sanitary Landfill.

    Koshe, whose name means “dirt” in local slang, was closed last year by city authorities who asked people to move to a new dump site outside Addis Ababa. But the community there did not want the landfill, and so the garbage collectors moved back. Last year, farmers in Sendafa Landfill, the new waste disposal and recycling centre of the city, refused to allow garbage to be dumped in the area. A tragedy squatters living there blamed on a biogas plant being built nearby.

    Many of the victims were squatters who scavenged for a living in the 30-hectare dump, officials said. Hundreds of waste-pickers work at the landfill every day, and others find cheap housing there. Many of the mud-and-stick houses were buried under the rubble, and dozens of people so far have received medical treatment, it was learned from the nearby ALERT Hospital where the injured have been taken.  

    Image: The Telegraph

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  • South Sudan: 32 kidnapped Ethiopian children recovered


    Authorities in South Sudan said they have recovered 32 of the 125 Ethiopian children who the Ethiopian government said were abducted from its Gambela region two weeks ago during a deadly cattle raid blamed on a South Sudanese militia.

    Ogato Chan, acting governor of South Sudan’s Boma state which borders Gambela, told Associated Press Saturday that local chiefs collected the children from three villages in Likuangole County where the raiders had dropped them off. Chan said the recovered children will be brought to state capital Pibor then sent to Juba to be repatriated to Ethiopia.

    “The chiefs are looking for the rest of the children,” he said.

    Ethiopia’s government said 208 people died in the April 15 raid and blamed the attack on an ethnic Murle militia from South Sudan.

    In Ethiopia, Gambela regional president Gatluak Tut told AP he has not been notified about the recovery of the children.

    Deadly cattle raids and abductions of children are common along the border of South Sudan and Ethiopia between the Murle in South Sudan and the Nuer and Anyuak tribes who live in both countries. Children are sometimes kidnapped to look after stolen cows.

    (Image: Children in Gambella Refuge/Unicef)

    (Source: Associated Press)

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  • Zambian Minister kneeling picture goes viral

    (by Andegna) A picture where Livestock and Fisheries Michael Katambo is seen kneeling for President Edgar Lungu, has gone viral on the internet. The photo was taken on Sunday inside the Parish priest’s office at Mary Immaculate Parish in Lusaka shortly after President Lungu attended mass.

    While President Lungu sat comfortably on the only chair in the office, Mr Katambo with fear all over him, clenched both hands as he knelt. It looked as if President Lungu was scolding Mr Katambo.

    Many people in Africa have taken to Twitter and Facebook to poke fun at Mr Katambo and mock President Lungu.

    However, kneeling down to greet superiors is a sign of respect in Zambian culture. A similar Picture below went viral during the Late President Mwanawasa’s era, when then Defense Minister George Mpombo was seen Kneeling before the late President Levy Mwanawasa

    Image: Katambo and Mpombo 

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