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  • Ethiopia becomes WMO’s Africa seat

    (by Andegna.com) Ethiopia become a seat of the World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO) Regional Office for Africa. Previously Burundi was the seat of WMO but due to the internal conflict, the office was transferred to Geneva, Switzerland.

    The Geneva based office served as specialized UN Organization for meteorology and hydrology for the continents of Africa and Asia. For better management purpose WMO has established six regional offices across the world and each region has its own autonomy to work according to their regional perspectives.

    Africa’s regional office comprises a chairman and vice chairman, who lead the management group for hydrology, climate services and application compliance issues in marine, aeronautical services, cost recovery and natural risk reduction, among others.

    Following the decision made by the WMO’s congress to move the regional office to Africa again, six countries including Ethiopia, Egypt, Nigeria, Tunisia and Zimbabwe had shown interest to be a seat of WMO. All the six countries submitted their proposals to compete and at the end Ethiopia emerged the winner as a seat for WMO.

    “Ethiopia won the competition as a result of its geopolitical advantages that it has over the others,” said Ethiopian Meteorological Agency.

    Image: Meteorological Equipment in Ethiopia


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  • Great Manchester Run: Kenenisa Bekele & Tirunesh Dibaba win


    Three-time Olympic champion Kenenisa Bekele won the men's race at the Great Manchester Run, finishing the 10km course in a time of 28 minutes and seven seconds.

    Kenya's Wilson Kipsang finished second.

    The result was mirrored in the women's race as Bekele's fellow Ethiopian Tirunesh Dibaba beat Kenyan Edna Kiplagat, finishing in 31mins 16secs.


    Source: BBC



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  • Young man jumps into lions in desperate 'suicide bid'

    A naked young man who jumped into the lion enclosure zoo in Chile has survived but only after the lions attacking him were shot dead.

    Santiago authorities confirmed the two beasts were killed as they mauled the 20-year-old man who had broken into their compound early on Saturday, says The Sun and then he was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and was said to be in a grave condition.

    Director of the city's Metropolitan Zoo Alejandra Montalba said the park was crowded with visitors at the time of the incident. She said that there were no fast-acting tranquilizers available to stop the lions quickly and she was 'deeply affected' by the deaths of the two lions, a male and a female.

    The young man broke into the enclosure, took off his clothes and jumped into the middle shocking families who witnessed the attack. "The zoo has an established protocol because people's lives are very important to us," said Montalba.

    A suicide note was reportedly later found in the man's clothing. Witness reported he shouted religious statements as he was mauled.

    Image: Zoo keepers shoot down the two lions to save the 'suicidal' man, who was gravely injured in the incident @NOTICIAS Chelmevision  



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  • Today in history: Mengistu Haile-mariam “fled” to Zimbabwe

    Lieutenant-colonelMengistu Haile-mariam was a popular army officer in Ethiopia who turned to be the most prominent officer of the Derg, the Communist military junta that governed Ethiopia from 1974 to 1987, and installed as ruler of Ethiopia following the country's 1974 revolution.

    He remained in power for seventeen years, and his attempt to mold the country into a Soviet-style socialist paradise plunged it into a brutal reign of terror instead. Ethiopia's government-sanctioned campaign of political repression resulted in an estimated 150,000 deaths, and Mengistu became known as "the Butcher of Addis Ababa" for it.

    In 1980 Mengistu announced the formation of the Committee to Form the Party of the Workers of Ethiopia, with himself as chair.

    Four years later a full-fledged Party of the Workers of Ethiopia was established, modeled on the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and again Mengistu was its chief.

    Fifteen years after his 1991 flight into exile, he was tried in absentia and found guilty of genocide. He remains in Zimbabwe, in a walled compound, but the legacy of the long and bloody rule under his leadership remain poignant in Ethiopian history.  

    Despite arguments have continued about Mengistu's flee to Zimabwe, however, there are people who still believe he is a lone patriot history showed on the land.  

    Short Profile

    Born in 1937 in Wolayta, Ethiopia; son of a soldier and a domestic.

    Family: Married Wubanchi Bishaw; five children.

    Education: Graduated from Holeta Military Academy, 1966; received advanced military training in the United States, late 1960s.

    Career: Officer with the Ethiopian army, after 1966; head of Ethiopian government, 1974-91; Armed Forces Coordinating Committee (Derg), member, 1974-91, and chair, after July 1974; Provisional Military Administrative Council, first vice chair, 1974-77, and chair, 1977-92; commander in chief of the Ethiopian armed forces, February 1977-May 1991; Workers' Party of Ethiopia, secretary general, 1984-91.

    Current Residence: Zimbabwe


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