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  • National exams postponed in Amhara, Oromia

    (by Andegna Tube) National examinations of grade 8, 10 and 12 have been postponedin some schools of Amhara and Oromia regions in Ethiopia.

    There have been interruption of regular classes due to the El-Nino induced drought and the recent conflict in Oromia region which set delay to the three major national examinations in the regions, according to Ministry of Education.

    In Oromia alone, 581 school students rally contributing for the unrest, Minister of Education, Shiferaw Shigutie told the parliament on Thursday. He said, students were advised to sit for the exams after continuance of the regular classes for sometimes, and the students responded that they are ready for exams, however, he said the ministry decided to give exams after some regular and extra classes are delivered.

    There are 13 thousand schools and about 8.6 million students in Oromia region, where the recently conflict was triggered after government’s Addis Ababa–Oromia integrated master plan which implementation has been suspended.

    Over 500 thousand Birr has been allocated for the regular national examinations which is expected to start within months at national level. 

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  • Teddy Afro coming with new music album, book

    (by Andegna Tube) Famed Teddy Afro is coming with a new music album and more a book of his work. However the singer recently announced on his official facebook page that he is coming with a new music album, according to our close source, Teddy has also finished his book containing ‘informal essays and/or tells’.

    “I am finishing my new album. God willing, I will let you know the date to be released soon. I’m hopeful that you will like as I liked it,” Teddy updated his fans via his facebook page on Monday.     

    The Ethiopian pop and reggae star has been denied major concerts at home. He had a 1.3 million Birr deal with Habesha Weekly plc, an event organizer, for a concert which was expected to stage at Ghion Hotel in Addis last…

    The concert has been canceled due to matters over official consent. However, the Organizer was optimistic enough to get the permission from the Addis Ababa City Administration, until the final minutes, to stage the concert expected to join over 5000 people.

    Two of the artist’s expected stages were also canceled, at the Laphto Mall planned for the Ethiopian New Year eve and at Ghion Hotel for Mesqel holiday eve in September .  


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  • Drought slower Ethiopia's economic growth in 2016: IMF

    (by Andegna Tube) Drought has an impact on Ethiopia's economy this year at 4.5 percent growth forecast despite last year it was one of the fastest growing economies in the world at 10.2 percent, according to the International Monetary Fund report.

    Ethiopia's government has been forecasting fast economic growth to continue as part of its mid-term Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) success stories, however, El Nino induced drought and thus emergency needs is putting significant impact to the nation's macroeconomy.

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) economic growth forecasts for Africa have been also revised downwards, in line with a less rosy view of global economic performance, reports BBC.

    In its latest report IMF says that growth in sub-Saharan Africa's economy this year "is expected to remain weak" at 3 percent, which is lower than forecast last year.

    The continent's oil exporting countries - especially Angola and Nigeria - have been particularly hard hit by a fall in the oil price. Forecasts have been dramatically revised downwards for Nigeria. The economy is now expected to grow by 2.3 percent this year as opposed to 4.1 percent, a figure predicted by the IMF in January.

    Ghana is one of the positive stories - with the economy due to grow at 4.5 percent this year. The IMF says that Ghana is emerging from problems caused by power shortages.

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  • Malawi dismisses its diplomats from Ethiopia

    (by Andegna Tube) Malawi has ordered suspension of two senior officials at its Embassy in Ethiopia on allegations of defrauding government money amounting over US$30,000.  

    Deputy Ambassador Doreen Kapanga and the first secretary Fletcher Chowe, are the two officials who have been recalled from the Malawian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, according to Nyasa Times report that the diplomats have been on their way back to Malawi on Thursday.

    Foreign Minister, George Chaponda said that he has ordered the suspension as one way of showing seriousness of issues to do with looting out corruption. “What was happening was that the officials were writing cheques in their names for the news I immediately took action,” Chaponda told the media on his arrival to Malawi from Addis Ababa.

    The Foreign Minister traveled to Ethiopia on his first trip as Chairperson of Ministerial Panel of African Union. 

    According to related report citing Malawian officials, there were ongoing audits at the Brussels mission in Belgium and the mission in Germany, while they are processing audit for New York, Harare, South Africa, Nairobi and Maputo which in the end all embassies will be audited. 

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  • Ethio telecom refutes recent news to charge VoIP apps

    (by Andegna Tube) Ethio telecom, the sole telecom service provider in Ethiopia, refuted the recent VoIP charge news claiming that its Chief Executive Officer has been misquoted. Despite the report that the telecom is implementing new technology that would charge Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) users for services such as Viber and Whatsapp, which are applications free of charge.

    A statement posted on the company’s social media page today reads “some Medias released that ‘Ethio Telecom to charge for VOIP (apps like Viber and whatsapp)’ however the CEO Mr. Andualem has been misquoted and correction will be done by the journalist soon.”

    Initially, the CEO, Andualem Admassie, was quoted for having said that, the company is in the process of implementing a new technology called Policy Charge and Control system (PCC) to control VoIP services that its customers use via the telecom operator’s network.

    According to the media report that the company will not ban the services, however, will implement the technology to control the use of these services through its network allowing the telecom company charge for the VoIP services.

    Although the use of VoIP applications is not technically free as it would still require the use of an internet connection provided by the telecom monopoly, Ethio telecom has stated that it has been losing revenue due to the applications, said the report. Services provided by applications such as Viber, WeChat and Whatsapp are popular amongst people as they are a cheaper alternative to connecting with friends and families as compared to a direct call.

    Meanwhile, the refuted report has also cited the telecom’s step to implement another technology called Equipment Identity Register (EIR) to curb the inflow of untaxed mobile phone apparatus entering the country illegally.

    This technology will have the capacity to not only shut down the sim-card but also stop the apparatus from working, it will be out of the network system completely. This system is also good because if a person’s phone is stolen, the owner can shut the system down so that the stolen phone cannot be used, according to the CEO. The implementation of the technology expected to be in effect as soon as within weeks will mean that phones that came into the country without being taxed, may not be able to function.

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