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  • Antonov goes on long trip

    (by Andegna.com) Known in Ethiopian, the Russian made, world’s largest airplane has set off on a long journey from Europe to Australia.

    Designed and built in Ukraine in the 1980s, the immense ‘Antonov 124’ once was used to transport Axum obelisk from Rome to Ethiopia, with each section of the obelisk weighing between 70 and 80 tons. The transporter had to find a plane strong enough to carry Axum’s huge weight. At the time, only two planes could handle that weight which were the US made Lockheed C-5 Galaxy and the Russian Antonov 124. Since all the Galaxy planes were employed in Iraq, the Antonov was chosen to carry out the flight.   

    The six-engine, 600 tons aircraft – which once was also used to transport a Soviet space shuttle on its roof – took off from Gostomel airport in Ukraine on Tuesday and will land in front of a huge crowd of aviation enthusiasts in Perth at 10am on Sunday morning, reports African Leadership.

    ‘Antonov An-225 Mriya’ will have to pass through a number of refueling stops across Eurasia, India and South East Asia during its long journey before its 42 tires hit the tarmac. The giant carried an enormous 117 tons of power generator to Perth in Australia.

    Image: Antonov An-225 Mriya





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  • S Africa launches campaign to warn young girls about sugar daddies

    (by Andegna.com) The Health Department of South Africa has plan to launch an initiative to persuade young girls not to turn to sugar daddies, according to sources.

    Aaron Motsoaledi, Minister of Health speak during his department budget vote in South African Parliament that they will launch a three-year campaign to educate women between the age of 15 and 24 about the dangers of sugar daddies.

    In South Africa, reportedly, sugar daddies increased teens’ HIV infection risk, therefore, students and young women have been warned about sugar daddies.  

    Over 25 percent of schoolgirls in South Africa are HIV positive because ‘sugar daddies taking advantage of them’, said the minister on March 2013.    



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  • Equatorial Guinea’s FM running for AUC Chairmanship

    (by Andegna.com) Equatorial Guinea’s Foreign Minister Agapito Mba Mokuy said he is running for the African Union Chairmanship up on launching his campaign for the Union’s top post in Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, the permanent seat of the Commission.

    Mba spoke about the possibility to address the challenges of the African nations are facing at this time which he said is a task that needs to be handled humbly through strong leadership of the Commission. “AU needs strong leadership to preserve peace, stability and security for its member states,” Mba said in a press briefing on Thursday.

    He vowed to work hard to address the difficulties and suggest solutions highlighting climate change, resolving water scarcity and food security as the main concerns for the continent at this time.

    Equatorial Guinea’s FM Mba has previously served as a senior advisor to the president on international affairs. He also worked for 18 years as international staff member of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

    Mba will be vying for the Chairmanship with two female candidates from Botswana and Uganda on the election to be held in the July, 2016 African Union Summit in Kigali, Rwanda.

    Image: equatorialguineainfo


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  • FIFA suspends Benin from world football

    (by Andegna.com) FIFA has suspended Benin from world football with immediate effect following a court decision that blocked the holding of election by the country’s football association.

    A statement posted on FIFA official website reads, “in accordance with article 38 of the FIFA Statutes, the Benin Football Association (FBF) is suspended with immediate effect due to a recent injunction by a local judicial court, which impeded the holding of the due election.”

    Following the decision, which was made in Mexico City at the inaugural meeting of the FIFA Council, Benin will miss the African Cup of Nations Group C qualifier.

    Image: guardian 


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  • PM David Cameron caught on camera describing Nigeria, Afghanistan 'fantastically corrupt'

    (by Andegna.com) British Prime Minister David Cameron has described Nigeria and Afghanistan as "fantastically corrupt" countries in the world in a conversation he had with Queen Elizabeth II, while he was talking about this week's anti-corruption summit in London.

    "We've got some leaders of some fantastically corrupt countries coming to Britain... Nigeria and Afghanistan, possibly the two most corrupt countries in the world," he was overheard on camera telling the Queen.

    In a pooled video feed made available to the ITN broadcaster, Cameron was shown talking with the Queen about the summit at a reception at Buckingham Palace.

    He spoke about the successful Cabinet meeting that morning, talking about the anti-corruption summit, when the Queen approached him and he said “we have got the Nigerians - actually we have got some leaders of some fantastically corrupt countries coming to Britain… Nigeria and Afghanistan - possibly two of the most corrupt countries in the world.”

    ”The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby who was near the pair intervened saying “but this particular president is actually not corrupt.” And Speaker John Bercow said that "they are coming at their own expense, one assumes?" and the group laughed.

    Although Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, elected last year after vowing to fight corruption, said he was "shocked" at the time he was about to leave to London, however in a latest report he said “he has no one to blame on that.”


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