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  • Gebremedhin is optimistic at rare chance of AFCON 2017 qualifier

    (by Andegna.com) The newly appointed Ethiopia, aka, Walias interim-coach Gebremedhin Haile is optimistic about his ten-day old squad at rare chance of qualifying for the 2017 Africa Cup of Nation (AFCON) with two group matches remaining.   

    Ethiopia will play Lesotho in away on Sunday at Setsoto Stadium, Maseru followed by home play against Seychelles.   

    “I understand the rare chance to qualify for the continental cup and we don’t have to expect much but football is unpredicted at the same time,” said Gebremedhin.  

    The coach said now he is occupied on tactical discipline. “There should be no ambiguity while playing offensive or defensive games,” he noted.     


    Salhadin Seid who joined the coach at a press conference on Tuesday evening was assumed to take the ‘captaincy’ after long time of absence from the team by the new coach. However, due to an injury he has encountered during a friendly game with a local premier league club same day in the morning in Addis Ababa, he will not be able to travel with Walias to face Lesotho.

    “The physicians told me that I shouldn’t play for fifteen days, at least,” said Salhadin.    

    Thus, asked about who will take the captaincy the coach said that Seyoum Tesfaye, if not Getaneh Kebede.  

    ‘Open contact’

    Ethiopian Football Federation’s official announcement on the appointment of Gebremedhin hold an “open contractual agreement”.Gebremedhin has been in charge of the Premier League’s Mekelakeya (Defense) FC.  

    The tactician’s five month interim deal to take Walias has sealed 80,000 Ethiopian Birr salary per month with extra incentives. Accordingly, the coach is allowed to look for other job after playing the two qualifying games which interprets the deal due on September as “an open”.


    Image: Coach Gebremedhin and Striker Salhadin on Tuesday’s press conference   




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  • S Korea opens EXIM Bank office in Addis

    (by Andegna.com) South Korea come close to Ethiopia after officially opening Export Import (EXIM) Bank representative office in Addis Ababa.

    In an aim to provide investment credit for Ethiopia the Korean government has decided to open the EXIM Bank in 2015 and the Bank has been officially opened on Friday.

    “The opening of the representative office in Addis Ababa will strengthen the ties between the two countries lasted for over 50 years,” Chairman and President of the Bank, Lee Duk-Hoon (PhD), said on the opening ceremony.  

    During Korean President, Park Guen-Hye official visit last week, a concessional loan agreement amount USD 500 million has been signed, through the Economic Cooperation Development Fund that will be utilized for development works in the next three years.

    South Korea is keen in supporting Ethiopia in the fields of agriculture, industrialization, water, electric power generation, road construction, and science and technology. Since 2006 Korea has provided over USD 178 million for infrastructural development projects for Ethiopia.

    Image: Korean Exim Bank Headquarter 


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  • Another virtual credit payment system starts in Ethiopian hotels, guest houses

    (by Andegna.com) Online hotel booking service provider around the world called Jovago has launched WEX Virtual Credit Card (VCC) system for Ethiopian hotels and guest houses that issue virtual credit cards in US dollars for each booking made under Jovago.

    The electronic payment solution will enable hotels to make international service payments through Point of Sales System (POS), simplifying complexities of payment system partnering with WEX, according to Jobago Ethiopia office.

    The method enables hotels to take room charges through a MasterCard payment process, for the purposes of corporate purchasing and transaction monitoring. WEX VCC system will enable customers to book either before the point of destination (pre-payment) or after they reached at the hotels or guest houses they prefer.

    The system set precise controls for payment authorizations and automate payment reconciliation by reducing incidences of fraud and disputes. Customers or visitors can use a code system on ATM’s (Automatic Teller Machines) to access their account and pay their bill to the hotel,” said the company.

    The service charge, which is given to Jobago from the hotels, is based on the contract between the two businesses which could range from 15 to 30 percent and differ in hotels.

    VCCs are an increasingly popular form of payment for travelers and the service provider expect the solution to grow rapidly with hotels in Ethiopia taking advantage of the top-notch service.

    Image: A hotel room in Addis Ababa


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  • Ethiopia becomes WMO’s Africa seat

    (by Andegna.com) Ethiopia become a seat of the World Meteorological Organization’s (WMO) Regional Office for Africa. Previously Burundi was the seat of WMO but due to the internal conflict, the office was transferred to Geneva, Switzerland.

    The Geneva based office served as specialized UN Organization for meteorology and hydrology for the continents of Africa and Asia. For better management purpose WMO has established six regional offices across the world and each region has its own autonomy to work according to their regional perspectives.

    Africa’s regional office comprises a chairman and vice chairman, who lead the management group for hydrology, climate services and application compliance issues in marine, aeronautical services, cost recovery and natural risk reduction, among others.

    Following the decision made by the WMO’s congress to move the regional office to Africa again, six countries including Ethiopia, Egypt, Nigeria, Tunisia and Zimbabwe had shown interest to be a seat of WMO. All the six countries submitted their proposals to compete and at the end Ethiopia emerged the winner as a seat for WMO.

    “Ethiopia won the competition as a result of its geopolitical advantages that it has over the others,” said Ethiopian Meteorological Agency.

    Image: Meteorological Equipment in Ethiopia


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