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  • Government planning a meeting with oppositions amid protests and online calls for more protest rallies

    Online activists of the #OromoProtest, a persistent anti-government protest by Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, the Oromo, have called for massive protest rallies throughout the Oromia regional state, the largest among the nine regional states in Ethiopia. Accordingly, activists are calling on a region-wide protest on August 06 to continue the protest that first flared up on November 12, 2015 in Ginchi, a small town some 80 Kms South West of the Capital Addis Abeba.

    In a related news, reliable sources told Addis Standard that the government in Ethiopia is planning to call a meeting at the end of this month with opposition party representatives “both inside and outside the county” to be held at the African Union (AU) aimed at discussing the political impasse the country seems to be in. Titled “Peace Building and National Consensus”, the meeting is requested by the government and is expected to be facilitated by the AU, Addis standard learned. However our attempts to get official confirmation were to no avail.

    The call for more protest rallies by the #OromoProtest online activists follows another massive rally held in the last weekend in the Gonder city of the Amahara regional state in the north. The peaceful protests in Gonder, which attracted more than half a million participants, followed another protest held between July 12th and 14th in which more than a dozen people were killed.

    The protest related death in itself followed a raid by heavily armed federal security forces, including the Anti-Terrorism special force, targeting members of the Wolkayit community who have been protesting against the federal government’s decision to incorporate the area where the community lives into the Tigray regional state. The Wolkayit community members also reject the idea of them being ethnically considered as Tigrayan and want to identify themselves as Amhara.
    More than 400 Oromos were killed by security forces since then, according to a recent report by Human Rights Watch (HRW).  In Addition to the report by the HRW, activists are also documenting the death, injuries and forced disappearances of individuals from areas where protests are taking place. Hundreds of University students have also been dismissed from several state universities located in the region.

    Government dismisses the rally
    The online calls for more rallies were dismissed first by Muktar Kedir, President of the Oromia regional state. In astatement he gave to state controlled and affiliated media last night, the president insisted that the protests rallies were illegal because the regional government has received no prior notification from the organizers.

    In Addition, in a press statement he gave to government filtered media organization today, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalgn dismissed the legality of the planed protest rallies and said his government was ready to discuss public discontents with the people of Ethiopia. But he cautioned the people of the country not to be misled by social media calls protests and added the government will be forced to take mesasures against “illegal activities,” according to a report filed by state run Fana Broadcasting Corporation.

    However, in a letter of notice addressed to Abbaa Duulaa Gammadaa, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Muktar Kedir, President of the National Regional State of Oromia, Ibrahim Haji, Commissioner of Oromia Police and , all City Councils in charge of matters pertaining to Public Political meetings and Peaceful Demonstration, the online activists evoke Proclamation No 3/1991 that says “people who seek to stage public political meetings and peaceful demonstrations have a mere duty of notification.”

    Source: Addis Standard 

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  • AAU Health Officer Students protest university decision


    It has been a week now after the students were told to leave the university compound however student representatives are saying about three months of courses are remaining.    

    The university also deny deliverer of meal for the students starting from this morning breakfast.

    Academic Director of the university Dr. Rezene Berhe told local media that the university allow only Medicine students to stay for the coming two months of regular university break time.

    He said, the students are advised that they will commence class for the incomplete courses at the beginning of December 2016 while the regular academic calendar start end of December.

    The students however said they have no trust to the university and quality of course delivery will also be compromised says the students.     

    Image: Addis Ababa University

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  • Important notice to all preparatory schools

    (EthioTime) The National Educational Assessment And Examination Agency (NEAEA) has extended the deadline to send students university choice and related data because preparatory schools requested extra time as there were internet interruptions. 


     Source: FBC

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  • Ten killed during protests in northern Ethiopia

    At least 10 people, including police officers and civilians, have been killed in northern Ethiopia after days of protests, according to local sources.

    Demonstrations on Thursday and similar protests in recent days in the city of Gondar were against what protesters see as the erosion of their ethnic identity.

    The government said three police officers and one civilian were killed. 

    The violence is believed to have started after the attempted arrests by government troops of leaders of the Amhara ethnic group.  

    Al Jazeera could not independently verify the reports. 

    "The government is saying they were trying to arrest people linked to a terrorist organisation. We’ve spoken to some people who say tourists have been moved out of the city to safe areas. The city is under lockdown," Al Jazeera's Charles Stratford, reporting from the capital Addis Ababa, said. 

    "This isn’t the first time protests happened in Gondar. There were protests earlier this year ... protests by the largest ethnic group, the Oromo. Protests during which human rights organisations say 300 people were killed."

    Images posted online showed burned-out vehicles and armed men firing guns in the air as hundreds of other people cheered them on.  

    The Amhara are the second largest ethnic group in the country. 

    "They say that they are being ignored by the government - the government that they alleged is dominated by other ethnic groups from the north," Stratford said. 

    The violence prompted the US embassy in Ethiopia to issue a temporary advisory warning against travel to the city centre of Gondar and areas where "violent demonstrations" have been reported.

    "The embassy recommends all US citizens travelling to or resident in the Gondar area evaluate their personal level of safety and to avoid demonstrations or large gatherings," the advisory issued on Wednesday said.

    Source: Al Jazeera 

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  • Social media blocked amid examinee distraction- Government

    (by EthioTime) The Federal Communication Affairs Office of Ethiopia has said the social media including Facebook, Viber and others are temporarily blocked to prevent potential distraction of grade 12 examinees with leaking rumors of exam booklets.

    The office has posted on its official Facebook page that false information is spreading through the media that the exam booklets have once again leaked, and this is making students and parents worried. Therefore, according to the office, the government has decided to temporarily block the social media to keep calm students psychologically and take the exam without distraction.

    The office has extended its message to individuals and organizations that may be affected by the blockage of the social media for their understanding as it is for the best interest of the students.

    Students will sit again for university entrance exam after the booklets were claimed to be leaked by Oromo protesters.

    EthioTime wishes all the best to the students. 

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