40/60 condominium houses coming

(by Andegna.com) The construction of 40/60 condominium housing program which was launched three years ago in Addis Ababa is said now on the verge to delivery regardless of the exact time.

Thousands of people have registered for the 40/60 housing program which over 12 thousand people have made 100 percent payments on their special saving account, while, majority that count over 31 thousand people manage to save 40 percent only.

Construction of 1292 houses under the 40/60 program is now completed over 94 percent, despite projects have been facing challenges from lack of infrastructures, contractor’s capacity and shortage on construction inputs, according to Ministry of Urban Development and Housing report to the parliament on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, construction the 20/80 condominium houses has been also completed over 93 percent.

Image: 40/60 housing project site at Senga Tera in between Bherawi and Mexico square.


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  • Kendie Added Believe me they will not give the people, my be ready for tegriyn?
  • አንተነህ ወርቁ Added እባካችሁ ያለኝን ሰጥቼ ተሰድጄ ነው ያለሁት 2
    ልጆች አሉኝ በኪራይ እየተበዘበዝኩ ነው ቤቱን ቶሎ ብታወጡልን ይህንን ሰላችሁ በእወነት ነው የምነግራችሁ መልሰ ባገኝም ባላገኝም ይህው ነው
  • Tarekegn Added Why donot deliver to the people rather than taking completed, will be ,,,,,, annoying

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